What does kindness look like to you?

Not long ago I decided that I would slowly try working my way through the fruits of the spirit Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.

So, Kind: Of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature. Showing sympathy or understanding.

It seems to me that everyone’s understanding of kindness is totally and completely different. Especially the more you get to know someone and the deeper you find yourself in their life. For example, things that were seen as kind in the beginning of a relationship begin to lose their appeal as time goes on or they begin to be seen as expected, which then transitions into something totally different…

How do you cultivate a warm-hearted nature?… I can see working on being generous.. learning to give without expecting anything in return. Learning to be friendly is fairly easy… Deciding to be sympathetic and understanding towards someone is a choice you must make every single time, it does not come naturally, especially if you find yourself in the right mood…

I would like to think I am naturally a kind person… But, if I am being totally honest, it depends on my mood, and who the person is that I should be kind towards… What I do know though, is that I try very hard every single day to be kind, to show kindness to those around me even when they do not deserve it or when they perpetually make being kind to them difficult. 

All of the women I respect the most just exude kindness out everywhere.. Not to say that they aren’t strong, disciplined, capable or anything of the sort, you just get this feeling that to them you are the most important thing in their life in the moments you interact with them. You get this sense of understanding that for whatever reason you are loved and cared for, they have gone out of their way for you and done things they never had to do.

Kindness… Maybe.. possibly.. just might be the easiest of all the spiritual gifts… if you choose your attitude towards people and life right…

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