So, I have decided to “take the plunge.” … I am going back to school. And, since I cannot seem to do anything half way I am going back for a double masters. I have always said I have no reason to go back to school, and getting a masters just for the sake of having one was totally pointless to me, no, I would only return if I knew exactly what I was going for, and if God told me so.

Well, I do not know that God necessarily told me “Go back to school” but, the idea popped into my head out of nowhere, and seemed to make sense as the perfect timing.. all of my closest friends are either teaching classes in the evening, going back to school, or working in the evenings… so what would I do?… Get new friends or go back to school… 🙂 Mostly my feeling is it is perfect timing, and I am in this “what now?” state, so why not at least be a little productive.. especially if that means later I will get paid more or have a better opportunity to do what I love! 🙂

I am not super excited to go back to school, but I am finding as time progresses and I get through each next step to actually getting signed up and starting classes, I realize I am beginning to have the “lets rock and roll” attitude. Which will be good once I start.

To top everything else off I have dark hair again 🙂 The color did not at all turn out like the color on the box.. The color was “Medium golden brown” the color on my hair became “Dark auburn” haha oh well, I still like it, and it is just hair anyway…

I am really looking forward to fall.

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