I had a totally random thought today, and thought I would share it… I have a never ending battle with my emotions and logic… Some days one rules over the other.. and more recently I have found a neat little balance between the two that I am satisfied in learning and leaning more on this meshed reasoning…

I have come to the realization that, my emotions are what adds flair and passion to everything I do. The laughter the escapes my mouth all the time, the compassion, and the heart I feel the for hurting, and it is the thing that fuels my desire to understand people and God. My logic however motivates me to move, to act, to accomplish.. Together, there is this kinda fun balancing act that I am learning how to embrace instead of trying to accept one and ignore the other until it explodes out everywhere.

Today I realized, I am totally unsure of what to expect next in my life.. Not that I have ever had this neat little map, but there have definitely been times where I have felt like I knew what to expect next. Currently, I have no idea, and I am totally fine with that… Which is a weird feeling for me. I have this overwhelming peace that everything will be ok, God has this fantastic plan… and I do not need to know what is next, I just need to push on and seek Him…

This I know…  God has my total and unhindered faith in His love and plan for my life. Slowly, I will get to see it unfold, and I am pretty excited to see each step as they take place. Everything will be ok, no matter how I feel now or tomorrow.

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