Facts Update #1..

Here is the statistical data for my new adventure…

Last week:
Applied for 30 jobs.
1 local (meaning I will not have to move)
29 not local (meaning I will have to pack up and move my crap again)
2 rejections. = 28 pending responses… until I begin applying again…
http://www.indeed.com is quickly becoming my new best friend for job hunting.
Thoughts currently:
I’m not worried, God will figure this out since it is His plan anyway.
I found some really neat jobs, and even thought I might not be completely qualified currently to do them, I will be soon… So, hopefully something fun will come my way.
I have a few thoughts/feelings about the coming year.. I shared them with a couple friends, and we shall see what comes from them.
I am totally content to not worry about what is coming next..
I am really curious to see what God does with a couple other situations in my life… but mostly regarding my job hunt.
My school work is going to be about as much work as I was expecting.. but not really prepared for…
Life is not easy… but man is it worth the work on the other side.
I got a new bed for free!… No more air mattress!… At least until I possibly move haha

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