The Smiles in My Day…

Sometimes, when I pause and think about all the random little things going on in my life I cannot help but smile and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all… and, often times I feel like I should be living in a comedy version of the Truman Show! 😉

Things that make me smile today:

Emailing throughout the day with my best friend. – Our conversation are a comedy routine themselves!
Completing a matting/framing project and looking at it, proud that I still have that skill!
Watching a video posted by one of my friends and his wife of someone else’s adoption “gotcha” day.
Reading old facebook picture comments from my little brother.
Coffee… Always, always makes me smile 🙂 Especially if the flavor makes your taste-buds dance!
Friends of mine leave tonight for a missions trip to Panama… I’m REALLY excited for them! 🙂
Random people trying to “help” me… Seriously, it makes me laugh.
Running commentary…
Realizing how ironic God can be with His timing…

I am so very thankful today has turned out like it has… For whatever reason I woke up feeling ok, but as though that state was fragile, and a bad encounter would send me off the crappy crap crap day cliff… Thankfully I had some time to wake up, listen to some great music, and get a cup of coffee before I had to deal with any obnoxiousness in my day.

Still job hunting, nothing really new to report other than, I continue to apply for jobs wherever I find one that interests me.

I was talking with my dad the other day, and it was really nice to just sorta go through my thought process with him. One of the points I brought up was my curiousness at why God felt it was important to tell me two years ago this is how everything was going to go down… My dad said that part of it he thinks is how I am always saying that if God would just give me a basic direction I would feel ok, safe, and secure… The ironic thing is… I do. I am not worried, I know without any doubts this is exactly how things are supposed to play out, and I am doing my best to hang onto the ride, and gracefully handle whatever comes my way. I’m really excited about what God’s preparing to do next, even though I am totally blind. 🙂

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