I am so very ecstatic to express all the things that God has done this week…

First, this week started out horrible.. and showed signs of staying that way all week long.

Thursday, I decided I had about as much as I could handle and decided I needed a break, I needed to peace out and give my mind and body a chance to break from the norm. I took off and went dancing for the evening. I went to an event that took place in an art museum.. I laughed, danced, and almost slipped on the marble floors over and over, and ended the night being exhausted but content. I made a new friend, and had a great time just doing something different and unusual in my average week.

Friday, I burrowed away and worked on a massive project for work all day, only getting interrupted by some of my already graduated students wanting to update me on the new things in their life. Both conversations were great, and lots of fun. Then, I continued with my need for a break from the normal and went to a dinner event with my new friend. We had fun talking with people about a wide variety of topics over a fantastic view and dinner. Then, to top it all off, I went to Cha cha and Salsa workshops.. and proceeded to dance for several hours… Safe to say, my feet are killing me, my legs, core, and neck are sore… But, I am content and happy once again.

All week long, I felt like Satan was just high gear attacking me. I could tell because that things I normally do not care about, and things that do not normally aggravate me were driving me insane.

Friday, after work I got a phone call that I got the job I interviewed for in DC, the pay increase I would need to afford rent, and fantastic benefits are included in this job. I am ridiculously excited about this job for lots of reasons… including the fact that I love the city, and I will get the chance to live in the city and ride the metro (meaning no more 35k miles a year on my car!). I also am excited about the changes that will occur and the challenges I am about to face… While this job is essentially exactly what I am doing right now, there are aspects that I have yet to do, such as a job on a national level, and more traveling for my job. I am really excited about those aspects of my job.

God answers prayers in His absolutely perfect timing in a manner that I never would have chosen or plotted for myself, but am really excited about.

2 thoughts on “Answers…

  1. Hi Krista…..ya know …Ed and I are somewhat close to DC …if you want to hang out with us or if you need anything at all….I think we are about 2 hours away from dc…so maybe some day we can get together…I can show you around cville!or maybe you could show me dc!! hugs and prayers always! Becki H.


  2. Krista, I randomly went to your blog today and I'm glad. Right now I am at the point of 'escape' I had to leave, but it's on the downlow, for a few days and figure out what the Lord is saying. My week has surely started as one of the worse experiences I have faced yet, but you're right God gets us through to a new point of victor. Dr. Percer told me the other day as I sought wisdom from them, that the Lord had to suffer the pain to obtain the victory and he's right. So thanks for sharing your heart and woah I'm so stoked you're going to DC!!!!! Congrats :)Love ya, Shell


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