Life is just hard. There is no explanation, not rhyme or reason, and nothing seems to make it better. Life is painful and full of sorrow.

Recently I have been exposed to some incredibly painful situations that do not actually involve me at all, but involve those that I love dearly. I have been faced with these incredible women who are full of life, energy, laughter, and care.. and in almost no time at all they have been torn down, demolished, and broken into these dripping with pain girls… And, to be totally honest, it was men who should have done nothing but protect and love them. How much it just tears at my heart to watch life be so cruel.. I. Hate. Satan. And, I mean that.. to watch how he deceives men into destroying women. Both being incredible and wonderful creations of God… I hate how easy it is for men to tear us down, to abuse us, and destroy and wield power over us they were never intended to have.

My heart hurts for these women in my life. Every time I remember them the pain comes and it almost takes my breath away it hurts so bad… and that’s my ever present reminder to pray for them… I was informed by one of my friends that I have “potent” prayers… So, by golly I’ll pray til I am blue and my knees are torn up!.. which really means my 3×5 bathroom mirror card is getting filled quickly at this point. *sigh*

My God is ever faithful. He does in fact make things better. He is ready to save, and He will… Just ask Him to sweep you away… Please pray for my friends… Please.

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