Girl Time…

I have never been one for “girl time” in high school the overwhelming majority of my friends were guys, and only in college did the scale tend towards evening out. However, I still avoided “girl nights” most of the time.. I dislike bridal showers, baby showers, and I would rather stick a needle in my eye then play shower games and watch a soon to be bride open embarrassing items. In fact, one time in college I escaped a girls night… and when they came looking for me, I hid.. I was NOT a fan.

*** Disclaimer*** Understand, I do not mean for this idea of “Girl time” to be confused with one on one time with girl friends.. I am specifically referring to a mass number of girls together… with no purpose but to… be stupid girls.***

So, what’s the problem?.. Girls. Especially mass quantities of girls. I go nuts when girls become a gangling group of gossips (like that?)… I mean seriously, think about it… groups of girls get together and they gossip… spread and share their emotions and craziness with each other. Ew. Who wants to be around that?! It is not fun. Torture… like water-boarding.. maybe.

However, within the last year or two I have discovered how much I enjoy hanging out with mature, loving, inspiring, engaging, Christian women.. who TRY to glorify the Lord. You know, the ones that spend time trying to lift you up and encourage you… Are real and portray no ounce of fake… The ones that you LOVE being around them because they lighten the room, they bring class and a sense of humor with them all the time.. The special ones that when you talk to them, they see you, they love you, and the focus on you as though you are the most important thing in the world to them. Aka.. The ones who love the Lord, and it shows.

Time with my girl friends from Lynchburg, I am pretty sure can cure any ailment.. and today I discovered a group of women who make me laugh.. they are encouraging, entertaining, exciting, (I don’t think I can keep up with the e’s….), but more than anything, all discussions were.. normal. I mean we talked girl things.. like weddings, and fashion… sales etc.. but, there was plenty of normal conversation, intellectual talks, and lots of humor. We had food and made crafts, it was a lot of fun. It was needed, and it was great to laugh. Specifically one of the women I gravitated towards right away was full of energy, she’s a wife to a pastor, and a mother to a 2 year old and she was hysterical.. so very real (the type that is crazy beautiful and loving!). She is from GA, and she has such a passion for life.. whatever that brings, but is quick to point out how amazed she is by others qualities and choices. She was such a breath of fresh air.

I love how faithful God is, and how He provides exactly what you need RIGHT when you need it…

Like my BFF who called last night “just because” and some how ALWAYS manages to get me to laugh and smile. She is the perfect combination of beauty, humor, grace, class, optimism, and she does all of these things authentically and is able to use these things to encourage me in a way that does not make me more aggravated. She just gets me and I love it!

My cousin who made the time to ask me why I was upset.. then proceeded to listen to me vent about all the ridiculous things that were bothering me.. With a solution of “all you need is time with me..” oh how right she is!

The roomie who has somehow positioned herself not as best friend, but as my sister… the one that chooses to live with my crazy things, loves me anyway.. and somewhere along the way SHE became where home is… She knows everything, but instead of acquiring the title of best friend attained sister.. And, for anyone who is close to their sisters (like I am) you realize how much you need them in your life.. every day. She somehow manages to make me laugh when I’m PISSED at homework by pointing out how she couldn’t possibly buy those shoes cause they are “sexy and stylish” … and clearly she’s “none of those things…” HAHA!

The best friend that puts up with my randomness.. (and even claims to enjoy it!).. Voluntarily joins me in stressful situations, defuses it with humor… and stalks me with pictures. Helps me process like crazy, and never judges me for any thought I have… instead helps me come back to reality and remember what’s important…. And, has probably sat in a car with me more than anyone else in my life! Ha! 

The roomie who makes me food and listens to me complain a RIDICULOUS amount about the homework instead of sucking it up.. and she so graciously listens and patiently puts up with my overly dramatic reactions to life.. Then passes me a brownie and makes my life better.

The one that patiently taught me to dance.. and makes sure to touch base with me a couple times a week… Is insanely encouraging and uplifting. Seeks my thoughts and opinions and listens to my over reactions to things.. that I claim is just how I feel.. when everyone knows it is an over reaction… Who pursues my friendship for the sole purpose of being my friend… no agenda, just.. be around me.

The endless number of girl friends that comment on my pictures, blogs, status updates.. and send nothing but encouragement and humor. The ones who seek me out because they love me.. and that is all… Gosh am I so blessed, and how different the sheer quality AND quantity of women God has placed in my life…

So, as I get older and God graces me with amazing women in my life… Girl time has become less torturous and more enjoyable and loved. haha.. how funny!

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