I have decided I need to go back to Africa, and soon.

Last week I was not having a particularly good week, and one certain evening I came home from a not good day at work, took a nap, woke up to an empty house, ate a random dinner and watched a youtube video of an interview with Brooke Fraser where she talked about her song Albertine, and her time in Rwanda. Half way through the interview I almost began crying, and decided I need to go back.. it has been over 2 years since I have been to Africa, or on any missions trip in general… way.. way too long.

So, since I make a point to do things that I really feel passionately about.. or even just things that I like, I have decided I am planning a trip to Africa in 2011. Currently I am thinking of Thanksgiving, since that’s an automatic 4 days, because if I want to be gone for 10 days, that week would include 6 days of weekend/vacation.. meaning I only have to take 4 vacation days!… Unless I decide I just cannot handle it, and I just never come home… 😉

The plan is obviously still a molding and making process, and I really must throw this out there.. I will plan for and take anyone who wants to come. They will need to either work together as a group to raise the funds or supply their own way.. However, I will go alone even if no one chooses to come with me. Currently I want to go somewhere in East Africa/Central Africa. But, I am not gonna lie.. I once again am aiming towards seeing the sunrise or sunset from each side of every ocean… So the Indian Ocean or Red Sea is a substantial goal for this trip too 🙂

I cannot wait to go, see what happens, and explore.. be in and around a country doing things that I love. Seeing the faces of beautiful children, and getting the chance to smile, laugh, and hold their hands.

So, if you want to come, let me know. If you want to help me fund going or if you want to help someone else come with me, let me know… I am really excited about just getting to go be on the continent of Africa again soon. I cannot wait for the dust on my feet, the smells, the faces, and the emotions that God infuses into my heart and in my bones. My prayers from now until then are that the right people come together to go, and that God moves and does exactly what He has planned… But, most of all, that I am mold-able and able to be moved and persuaded by the Holy Spirit.. and, that I am obedient.
 (I found this picture online.. it’s AMAZING!)

I found it from here.

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