Today one of the girls I live with and I tried another location of the church we have been attending.. I really loved this location, it felt more “me” and the music was perfect.. I think I forget how much I like this church in between Sunday’s.. but, to be fair, I have been here for just over 2 months, and have been gone on Sunday for at least half that time. However, today I just felt like “I love this church.” Partially because the worship was great, partially because the people felt like I could relate to them better, and partially because the sermon was on point… again.

Pastor Joel talked about God’s promise to Abram in Genesis 12:1-? He explained that we have to be obedient before we get the blessing promised us, and we have to GO before we can understand what the promise means.. But, even beyond all of that we have to be diligent and walk the road set before us usually without knowing what multitude of blessings is about to come our way. God WANTS to bless us, He WANTS to make covenants and fulfill them.. all because these things glorify Himself. He does these things to us, for us, with us, in us, etc..etc.. because they bring Him glory.. But, we are not often given all of the details. Then, it was pointed out that God cannot reveal things to us until we have been obedient and had genuine faith… God cannot count our faith as riotousness until we actually respond in a manner consistent with the faith we would like to say and sometimes DO say we have.

Lots of times throughout the sermon Pastor Joel talked about the fact that Abram WENT.. He did not know where, but knew God would show him when the time was right… And then I realized.. I went, but stopped looking for all that God has set before me. As though all the plan consisted of was my job, place to live, and school work… How sad that I have forgotten to keep looking for each next step and each next blessing to this journey God has me on.

I will post more on this as the week progresses and I begin to formulate what I think God is beginning to create and grow in me.

I will grow where I am planted.. I am not supposed to re-create what I had elsewhere. I am supposed to explore and figure out what has been made new and set before me… I need to figure this out… And, I am sure God will help me this week!

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