Hot Body Whoa..

I keep joking with a couple of my girl friends from various places that this will be “Hot Body Whoa” summer.. Mostly because I need humor to get me through the soon to be never ending soreness I will be enduring for months!.. However, as nerdy as it sounds..

I am SO EXCITED! I love being sore. I love feeling like my butt is going to fall off.. and sadly, I miss the brothers around to freak out and pummel every time they punch me where I am intensely sore.

I signed up for the gym.. and pay HALF what I paid to use the Y.. plus, this place is aesthetically way more pleasing (although the pool is only 3 lanes wide). I was a little unsure of the whole thing when I first walked in because they have a smoothie/drink bar.. like Tropical Smoothie Cafe.. and then all the basics, but the entire place is underneath the building. Kinda cool.

I also was not sure (although I knew I would sign up anyway because it is basically across the street) because part of signing up is to have a “free” hour lesson with a trainer (makes sense.. but I have been doing the gym thing on and off since I was 14..). However, the trainer came and introduced himself to me, and was real easy going and easy to talk to. He asked my fitness goals, what I tend to eat (which I confessed depends on how much time I have.. which has not been much lately), he then asked if I have any injuries.. Which initially I told him no.. but quickly remembered while I do not consider  my joint issues injuries.. others would.. Mostly due to the number of dislocations I have had to my shoulders and things. I was pleasantly surprised when in the midst of conversation we began to talk martial arts, so he understands my shoulder issues (because he’s has the same ones).. and immediately began writing down notes to himself that I need stabilizing work outs, and that I need core work outs… I did forget to get my membership card and things.. but I will get those tomorrow.

I was surprised how excited I was walking out of the gym… between all the new active things I have going on.. I will certainly have the hot body whoa I am looking for this summer.. Just in time for my friends several weddings!.. Yesss! šŸ™‚

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