Opposing Promises…

I am doing the “New Thru 30” plan from YouVersion.com.. and while I started later than January 1st, I do plan on following it and reading it anyway… (there’s a lot of daily reading.. but I need a Bible reading routine again).

Today (Day 3) the first 11 chapters are due, but I have actually cheated a bit, and read the last couple days to lighten the reading load today.. haha.. is that ok?.. Anyway, last night after I read some of one of the books I got for Christmas, I read a few chapters in Matthew. 
In chapter 6:30 it says this: ““But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith!” So, here’s my thought.. How much MORE will God clothe me? Take care of me? Love me?… Obviously if He pays such close attention to the small details (I mean really.. look into Laminin), then why would He not pay close attention to my every detail? No matter how mundane they might seem to me…
What I find interesting in regards to this as well.. I somehow forget to mix the idea that He honestly and truly cares… with the fact that I am promised hard times, troubles, and a generally difficult life when I follow Him. As though they are somehow opposing promises? Without realizing it, sometimes I become such a whiner about life, the troubles and toils I go through.. and lets be honest, they are not even a matchstick next to some other people’s problems and issues… And yet, I find that even still God cares.. but that does not change the reality that crappy things will come my way regardless.
God’s care and love for me do not change the fact that life still comes and brings awful things with it, depressing times, and hurting.. But, even still God’s care does ensure that He carries me until the end.

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