The Plan…

So, this week I have done a first for me.. one thing I never thought I would do…

I got a personal trainer.

His name is Lionell, he’s fun, spunky, has done years of boxing or martial arts, and is very interested in doing work outs that mix my martial arts with my fitness goals. He is also very careful about my shoulders and knees and my lack of wonderful joints, so he slowly is working on stabilizing muscles to help them.

I never thought I would get my own personal trainer.. I mean, lets me honest, they are expensive.. I lived with an athletic trainer for a year in a half, and while I am no stranger to gyms or working out, anything I did not know she did or was able to help me with (like wrapping my knee… and telling me what my issues probably were… even if I would soon forget she’d told me..whoopsie!)… But, mostly I was just not a fan of the cost of personal trainers…

However, as a complimentary thing (that’s how they ALWAYS sucker you in!) I got an hour free with one of the personal trainers. He spent some time talking with me the day before to discuss my injuries and things, my goals etc..etc.. When I showed up, he commenced to working me so hard (mind you this is the first time really in 6 months I have done any serious working out) that a couple times I thought I might throw up, but then he would begin talking to me about martial arts related things… UFC fighting, favorite movies, sparring, the various styles we have both trained in… etc.. I was amazed at how quickly he passed the time, and how well he managed the hour.. and kicked my butt (I am so sore). He changed my diet just slightly, and we discussed the frequency of meeting, what I could afford, and that he wanted me to work out twice before we met again on Monday (this was Thursday).. Lovely. Did I mention sitting down and getting up from the toilet hurts?!

My plan: Meet with him twice a week for a month, then once a week for another month.. then I will be well on my way to exactly how I want to look and feel. Expensive, but since I really do feel awful and not thrilled, I figure this is a good jump-start to the entire process.

I am excited to finally look and feel great once again!

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