Love Them…

I was thinking today as I was talking to a couple of my friends.. I love and am drawn to the broken… And kids.. But anyone that is broken I find myself drawn to them. Which is possibly why Africa and missions appeal to me so much.

I love the fact that I am cultivating.. and That God is sending, making, and pushing me in a manner that works to love the broken. I mean to be honest there are times I KNOW I am being told to reach out to someone and my response is less than loving, flattering or graceful. But, thankfully in the end the Lord prods until I listen, and His grace covers my lack of immediate obedience.

I want to be sent to the broken, the ones who have been hurt and left.. and the ones who have the chance to be out of this world amazing.. and are just unable to make themselves realize the potential.. The ones that God is seeking after.

Here I am, send me. Give me the words, the discernment, the compassion, and heart to see them and love them regardless of my own personal failings and shortcomings. Do not let me get in the way. Love them through me.

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