Today I arrived on time for work.. only to discover half an hour later we had a 2 hour delay. Dang it.

However, thankfully my morning went by very quickly, with I am not even sure what, there was hardly anyone at work, but I seemed to keep myself fairly occupied with random things I guess.

I got off work a little early, went and swam for a while at the gym.. I was really happy with the 800 I swam, although I was incredibly sore from my Monday work out.. And am a little dreading tomorrow’s work out… and Thursdays haha.

I came home to find out that the car accident was “reviewed” and they have decided I do not have an appropriate claim.. And, of course the place was closed for the day when I called to find out exactly what their review process was to determine if they will pay for a new door on my car.. Ps… I really dislike not being able to open the door most of the time, and the loud road noises it no longer blocks out. So, I shall call tomorrow.. Hopefully with a good composure and not take out my frustration with the person I talk to.

Then, I spent all night doing homework. I am beginning to fear that maybe this REALLY was a stupid idea, and that I might just not be cut out for a double masters program.. Or at least not this finance/economics crap classes that just do not seem to make any sense in my brain. Hopefully the professor has pitty on me and helps me understand, cause reading the textsbooks do not seem to be cutting it.. I hate not being able to ask questions when they come to me like in class. GAH!

Overall my day was fine, but I still find myself annoyed at the end of the day. I really dislike that. Lord, please help tomorrow to either be better.. or my attitude to be better.

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