Mish Mash…

Work is getting incredibly stressful.

I am almost constantly sore right now thanks to my personal trainer.

School is so hard… and I definitely got and F for focus this week.

Sleep is something I cannot seem to get enough of.

Dancing makes me smile.

Coffee is a wonderful thing.

I love my roomies.. especially when they help me figure things out, make me food, and just do small things that they do not have to. I am so blessed.

Happy birthday Daddy!.. He’s pretty much amazing, and I am so lucky he’s my daddy!

I am so thankful for my supervisor.

I am going to have to pull some of my crap together to make it through this spring with work and school.. and finding a way to have a life.

God is good.. I am not. This week is total proof.

My mom’s voice is one of the most soothing and comforting things ever.

The book of Acts is so interesting to me.

I have GOT to do laundry this weekend.. because I NEEDED to do it last and didn’t.

I am starting to see results from working out.. Hurray!

I realized today I am very stressed because I ate out of duty instead of hunger.

My niece and nephews are pretty much the most adorable things EVER… I am stoked to possibly be getting them for 10 days this summer!

I miss having my windows down while I drive.

I miss shorts, tank tops, and flip flops.

I am excited to see how God pulls off the next couple months without me becoming a basketcase.

I am very tired.

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