Weekend Ramblings..

This was such a great weekend.

I went to coffee, live music, and Good Stuff burgers with my roomie Friday night.

On Saturday I slept, did homework, filed taxes, paid bills, did a little laundry, and went to Bdubs to watch the fights. Made a new couple “friends” aka, sat next to a couple people that made it lots of fun, even though I went alone. Texting with my brothers the entire time, also fun.

 Today I went to church, out to lunch with a group from my church as a “welcome” for the new members.. it was fun to meet some new people and just talk… we pretty much talked travel the whole time, it was awesome 🙂 Church was good.. I am really loving my church more and more every week. Took a nap, went to a superbowl party after a church service with one of my friends.. had a blast..

I am finally feeling like I am starting to get/create/find/etc.. my niche here. I am so grateful.

I also decided I am done worrying, fretting, and getting frustrated over people getting engaged and married “before me.” I mean really.. it is a useless, pointless, waste of time, and I am done with it. I figure I will give myself another 10 years before I begin to really even toy with the idea of worrying that I will not find “the one.” But, what that does is in the mean time it gives me the chance to tell and show people to knock it off.. I will find my lover when it is God’s timing.. And, until then all my focus is going to be in living the way God is directing me to. There is a lot less stress involved when I am not worried about guys. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have seen some fairly attractive men. But, none that seem to pursue me or my God or both.. so I feel compelled to forget them as possibilities.

I would rather live a whole life never knowing marriage or sex then live my life miserable and broken. So, please.. Stop pittying me, feeling sorry for me, hurting for me, etc.. I am fine, and will continue to be.

The sun was shining today and it was fairly nice out.. FINALLY it feels like maybe winter will slowly begin to release it’s fangs and let spring take over!!! I can’t wait.

I am so incredibly grateful for the ways in which God has begun weaving hope and excitement back into my life. I am so thankful.

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