BFF Day…

Today is my bff’s birthday!!

So, in honor of her birthday, and all things her.. Here are a few funny moment, things I adore about her, and just in general reasons she is my bff πŸ™‚

We met several years ago in NYC, a place we both love.. and realized we’d heard ABOUT each other for several years.. and somehow had missed actually meeting.. Initially we both were certain we would not like the other one because the other was clearly too cool and everyone else loved the them, so “they” must have let it go to their head…… By the end of the week.. we loved each other too and just clicked.

She quickly established herself as my person, and I realized how much I need her in my life all the time.. Seriously… There was one point in our friendship that both of us were going through crazy difficult things, and because of that neither of us were calling the other one very much. Well, by the time we did connect we were both so upset that we essentially got into a screaming match… For what?.. Because the other one didn’t call… LOL I am not even sure what we yelled about, but I remember being so mad she hadn’t called to check on me… and her yelling at me because I am her person. I should have known to call. Now we both laugh at the ridiculousness that was that fight, and are so thankful that we are safe enough to scream at without any lasting repercussions!

A couple summers ago she planned to come visit me in VA.. Only the night before she was due to leave her car broke down. I was totally dejected cause I just knew that meant all the fun things I had been anticipating just were not going to happen… THEN she called and informed me she had rented a car, and would be leaving as planned.. I was so excited I could barely contain it!.. And then I had to wait 12 hours for her to drive to VA!… Oh, and did I mention she was having severe back problems during that time period?.. Only a bff has that kind of dedication!

The Captain Planet theme song.. yeah, that’s ours. “With our powers combined…”  πŸ™‚

She gets away with all kinds of things that no one else does simply because she is my bff.. and she KNOWS what those things are! =P

Best friend, Bff, and I… about to have an oreo, peanutbutter, and whipped topping fight… Started by me, in my house.. and ended with water all over the house as well lol πŸ™‚

She and I have been through countless talks about God, boys, family, work, hair, clothes.. pretty much any and everything… She is always my default go to person, and always knows when to call just to hear my voice. She somehow always knows how to love me in just the perfect way only a best friend can… whether that be encouraging scriptures left on the sink counter when I visit, laughs, Friends, food, and starbucks.. Or whether it is a call when I find out one of my old residents decided to end their life. She always knows just the right thing to say and do.. And never ceases pushing me to God.

Her text messages, emails, phone calls, and cards are always so encouraging.. and she always talks about how much I do for her.. but really God knew I needed her in my life as much if not more then whatever she says I do for her..

And, finally all of our prayers got answered.. She is now living her very own chick-flick fairy tail and is married to an amazing man who I am so happy to say I LOVE.. and he is absolutely perfect for her!.. Plus, a major benefit is he knows when to give us our time! I prayed for him to come into her life and sweep her away in such a huge way that she would be left without words and so totally humbled and feel like everything else was worth it. He has done that and so much more! Our God is awesome!

So, to my bff.. Thanks for being my person. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!! πŸ™‚

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