It is no secret to anyone that in the stage of life I am in, all my friends are getting married or having babies… I cannot wait until it is my turn… But, lets be honest I am no where near ready right now! I love where God has placed me and where He has molded my heart lately. I have found this totally content feeling in this stage of life I have, the “freedom” to up and move.. travel.. spend riduculous amounts of money on food or whatever.. and have the time to go back to school (I honestly have NO idea how parents do it too!!) Anyway.. I digress… I am so excited to someday be a mom, key word someday.. BUT I have a few caveats.. (is anything ever just straight forward and simple with me!?) I want at least 4 kids.. and I would be ok if I adopted all of them. It comes as no surprise to the people who know me that I am in love with Africa.. and especially little beautiful African boys.. From any country really, each one has distinct features that are dominant in them, I just think they are the most adorable things ever πŸ™‚ Really!.. I have always felt this way, but it has been confirmed by two of my friends.. Well, really one friend I made near the end of college, and his beautiful wife who after several years of marriage have decided their first child will be adopted from Ethiopia!.. I am so excited for them and their journey!! The updates and whole process is exciting, frustrating, and just about every emotion you can think of..

If you feel led to help support them and their journey (cause lets be honest it is not a cheap endeavor!) visit their blog here and check out their many fund-raising plans they have going on right now! They have tshirts, auctions, puzzle piece sponsors etc.. If Emily cannot move your heart and get you excited with them no one can!… I am so excited for them, and hope to one day be in their shoes πŸ™‚

My other story I want to highlight are also a couple friends from college… We all knew each other cause of the size of the school we went to, and even though we were not ever super close, I always enjoyed chatting with them. They have a BEAUTIFUL and adorable daughter currently, and have recently discovered they are expecting twins!.. Mandy is adorable and I am totally convinced one of the best, strongest, most creative momma’s out there!.. Her story is a really fun one to follow on their blog here

I am really excited for both sets of these friends and their journey’s.. TOTALLY different, but exciting and planned out by our wonderful Savior πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy their stories as much as I do, and if you feel led, send up a prayer for them.. and maybe help support them πŸ™‚

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