Not Too Much..

On my lunch break today I was perusing the Stuff Christians Like blog, and reading the funny, interesting, and randomness that is Jon Acuff’s mind. Well, I stumbled upon his “Proverbs 31 Wife – 3000 and 8 edition” and I read as he talked about the things he loves about his wife.. of course Jon style.. all a little odd and different.. but completely valid!

In this blog he quotes a counselor as saying:

“The one thing a husband wants to know is that he is enough. That his masculinity, the way he provides for the family, the security he gives is enough. The one thing a wife wants to know is that she is not ‘too much.’ That she can be as beautiful and as powerful and as you, unique as God has called her without overpowering the relationship. That her husband is enough to handle her becoming everything she can become.”
I LOVE THIS QUOTE. It pretty much sums up exactly why I am still single, and why I am completely content in that place in my life. When a guy who is confident enough in himself to reassure me that I am not too much for him comes around, I will marry him… And, it probably won’t take me very long to make that decision. But, until then I would (praise the Lord) rather be single and whole then coupled up and broken.
So, to all my amazing beautiful girlfriends who are still single, find comfort in the fact that God knows and has placed the need in us to want to know we are not too much. I mean let’s be honest, we can be a force to be reckoned with if push comes to shove.. and that can be intimidating for anyone.. especially a guy. But, the problem comes in when the force to be reckoned with comes up against a man who is not founded in Christ enough to not only withstand that force, but direct, guide, encourage, or help subside it (regardless of what that actually looks like in the moment).. If a man knows how to handle a women in the full glory of who she is, then God can use the two of them for His full glory… but, if the man cannot (for whatever reason), then they become a poor debilitated sight of what God’s union with us is supposed to look like, and everyone pities both people involved in the relationship.
And, to all the potentially amazing men out there who are single.. Where are you? Why have you not stepped into the full glory of who God created you to be?.. Me and all of my single girlfriends are waiting for you to man up, so please look into that…
Thank you to whoever the counselor was who originally said this statement. That is exactly why I am in the place I am.. I want to be the entire package of who I was meant to be, but that’s a lot to handle, so until a man shows me he can handle it.. God and I will do just fine thank you!

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