ˌrēˈɡrō/ verb/ gerund or present participle: Regrowing "to grow or be grown anew or continued growth after an injury or after having died or withered"

Thankful Today…

Life is never easy.. Have you ever noticed or thought about that? I mean, even when “life is good” there is ALWAYS something either looming or partaking in what is going on right now.

Yet, somehow we in the midst of everything forget all the time how blessed we are..

One of my old youth leaders posted this on her facebook status and I got to thinking a lot about it,

“What if all you had today is what you thanked God for yesterday?”
Well, I determined I would always have food and my family.
I would often have food, family, friends, and my car.
Sometimes I would have food, family, friends, my car, sunshine, and the same day over (I sometimes literally just thank God for my day)… 
I hardly ever thank God for my money, my clothes, make-up, shoes, etc.. Not that I am unappreciative.. I just tend to be thankful for things that legitimately mean something to me or things that tend to be stressers in my life (aka my car).
So Lord, thank you, for my food, friends, family, car, house, job, clothes, money, shoes, breath, and every other ridiculously small thing in my life that I tend to overlook. I am so blessed even when I am stressed and in a piss-poor mood. Thank you that your blessings have nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you.

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This entry was posted on February 23, 2011 by in Blessings, God, Stress, Thankfulness.
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