I Know I am Single, But…

Last night my best friend from college and his father-in-law (who I also know) stayed the night as they were passing through (sorta) to buy a new “mid-life crisis” (is it too early for me to buy a mid-life crisis car?) car for his father-in-law. Anyway, they got here late, but we stayed up talking until REALLY late.. then they got up to say bye to me since I had to leave before them in the morning… It got me thinking.. I am SO BLESSED. I have these amazing friends who just love me.. and I have more then I can count on one hand… And even more then I can count on TWO hands… But, the thing that got me really mulling over how blessed I am is the fact that here I am, my best friend from college went out of his way to see me, his wife packed me a surprise, and a little note written on it that she couldn’t wait to see me for Easter…

Does anyone else notice what is typically odd about what I just said?… Not only does he love and care for me.. but so does his wife!.. AND.. I am a “single girl” in their life. Shouldn’t I be seen as threatening to her?… Nope, she loves me just as much as he does. I am so blessed.

This lead me to thinking about “the Church.” True, pure, un-broken, perfect community the way God wanted us to be and live… Typically once a couple is married all the opposite sex friends that are still single get put on this “caution, dangerous material” shelf, until they can also join the ranks of the married Borg of God (haha.. is it ok to refer to the married Christian community as the Borg?). But, what I love about my best friend from college and his wife is they have not only continued to love me exactly as I am, single (white) female, they continue to cultivate a relationship as individuals and as a couple with me. I love that because I am not interested in pushing friendship beyond what is ok, but I also love that God still can use those relationships to bring us closer to Him… And, what I love even more is, I can think of several married couples in my life that treat my singleness as though it has no impact on their love and friendship towards me (obviously the relationship changes.. but distance changes a relationship too…). I cannot thank these friends enough for truly unconditionally loving me.

Thank you to my use-to-be-single guy friends who even though married, love me in Christ. Cultivate a pure, clean, loving, community built on solid foundations of Christ with me… This still very single (and probably for a long while still) girl as though I am a special part of their community. Then, I have to thank their wives… Because it is very clear you not only love and trust your husband, but you love and trust me.. and THEN you pursue and cultivate a friendship that is unique to just us. I cannot even begin to count the number of times my best friend from college’s wife would say or do something that I just really needed.. or she would encourage her husband to reach out to me knowing I was hurting.. or she would reach out to me and offer their mutual support… That is true, pure, un-fallen, unconditional love that can only come from our Savior… And trust me, I do not take that love and trust lightly.. I cherish it right down to my core, from both of them, and the several other married couple friends who have just loved me regardless of my lack of a marital status. Words just do not do any justice for how much that means to me. Thank you.

Me, my best friend from college, and his wife.
Our annual Easter weekend get together that just means SO much to me! 🙂 Love them!

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