ˌrēˈɡrō/ verb/ gerund or present participle: Regrowing "to grow or be grown anew or continued growth after an injury or after having died or withered"

I Really Miss You…

This is my duder… (Dude-Er) .. He is the oldest of my munchkins.. and has had my heart for almost 6 1/2 years now (oh my gosh!!)

I can’t help but laugh at him when he talks to me and tells me how much he misses me because the things he chooses to say just crack me up!…

Like the one time I called to talk to him and he said “so.. Aunt Dista.. What do you want to tell me?!” in the most adorable cute little voice ever!

Or the time he said “I’m going to Aunt Dista’s house… and I get to see the MOUntaINS!” 🙂

When I lived at home and would take him and his sister out people thought they were mine haha.. I loved it!

He’s just adorable and my little duder 🙂

And, if there is any doubt.. I really miss him too!!!

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This entry was posted on March 9, 2011 by in Duder, Kiddos, Love, Munchkins.
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