Not Feeling It…

Today is just one of those days that I just don’t FEEL like having a pleasant response to people.. I don’t WANT to be nice, and I certainly don’t care to deal with stupid little things.. I don’t want to CHOOSE a good attitude.

What do I do with days like today?… Nothing. They are what they are…

So, instead I respond appropriately REGARDLESS of how I feel.. and hope that tomorrow will be better… but since I have a decent idea of what tomorrow will be like.. or more appropriately of how I am going to feel tomorrow, I’m really holding out for Thursday. Thursday the plan is work.. then head to the hospital to sit next to a friend/cousin (Paul) who will have spent all day Wednesday in surgery or preparing for surgery.. Even if he is not awake, I am really excited just to go and make sure he is ok… Which means do nothing but be there and see him really…

The update on Paul is that he is back stateside, but has yet to have the bullet removed from his neck (I have no idea what they are waiting for).. But, he is talking, and even posting on Facebook! (Praise the Lord) I really hope it works out to see him Thursday, it would be a welcome change… and nice to see a familiar face.

This too shall pass.

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