Life is so Good…

Ironic how on the days that I wake up in the most rushed state of mind… (Which tends to happen when I wake up half an hour late..) I usually end totally at peace.

I woke up literally 15 minutes before I had to leave.. I don’t know how but I made it out the door with no time to spare.. arrived at work 2 minutes late (which isn’t a big deal, just means I stay 2 minutes late).. I had planned on metroing to the Bethesda Naval Hospital to visit my friend Paul who was shot in the head/neck in Afghanistan.. who had surgery yesterday… But no, instead they discharged him from the hospital and he and I and his wife went out to dinner.

It was literally the most bizarre thing ever to have him sitting across the table from me with a head/neck wound.. and be fine. God is so good… And Paul’s story is amazing, literally a turn of the head saved his life… and has probably changed it too.

Even though he and I have never been close, he’s always sorta just felt like an obnoxious little cousin since he is actually my little (ok not so little anymore) cousin Jake’s best friend… They were always funny and obnoxious and aggravating (yes, usually at the same time) together. So, even though I had not seen Paul face to face in probably 4-5 years, it was like no time had passed.. yet we had both grown up. I am so proud of him and the life he has built, the family he has, and the things he is doing… How amazing and totally not what I would have expected from him when he was 17!… and his wife is absolutely adorable and so funny!.. I had never met her before tonight, but she is great for him.

God is so good…

Plus, it was just really great to see such a familiar face, and talk to someone who just knows my past, my family, and the ridiculousness that was my upbringing and family lol So, even though we have never been close, it was so great to see him and know he is ok..

In the midst of it all, life is good and God is great.

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