Funny Memories…

I somehow was reminded tonight of one night a little over a year ago.. and since it literally makes me crack up laughing, even though I had totally forgotten about this, I thought I would share…

A group of my friends and I were at one of our houses, all crammed into the ridiculously small living room, and since there was not enough seating, I chose to lay on the floor on a VMI Hay (foam bedding) that we had pulled into the living room… One of my friends, who happened to own the hay I was laying on decided he wanted to lay on it as well since there was no open seating anywhere else. It is literally the width of a guy’s typical shoulder width (so not very big). After a little while of scooting each other off the foam bedding and making completely ridiculous cases about why the other one should not get a claim to the bedding, we decided we would go halfsies and share.. only, true to my nature I cheated (HA!)… I laid on my side completely on the bedding and was able to face the tv without anything obstructing my view!… He was.. thrilled. LOL

What started out as our entire group (of maybe 6 of us) watching short Pixar movie after short Pixar movie.. everyone in the room slowly drifted off to sleep… except of course my friend and I laying on the floor.. CRACKING up over the little mini movies. Literally we laid there laughing our heads off for almost 2 hours.

Eventually, (I really cannot remember how) we ended up trying to see if he could do one of those airplane things that typically you do with kids (you know.. put them on your feet and “fly” them) haha.. Then, we had the brilliant idea to see how strong my stomach muscles were and if it would work for me to “Superman” on his feet…. That didn’t last long. But, we did laugh hysterically for most of the evening…. As the entire room slept peacefully around us LOL!

I love my friends 🙂

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