We Never Know…

Have you thought how many people impact your day, either for good or bad… but impact it none the less. I mean today alone I did almost nothing.. but was impacted by hundreds of people..

The drive to work caused me to encounter LOTS of people.. Some rude, others generous etc..

Talked on the phone with a friend while I drove to the gym, and not only did I encounter a ridiculous number of people driving there.. but a 4 car pile-up significantly changed my evening (and theirs dramatically more then my inconvenience).. which caused me to be late to my after work appointment.

Went to the gym, and encountered several more people. One in which made me sweat and work my body hard… but somehow always improves my moods and makes me laugh while my muscles as quivering.

Then I came home and encountered my roomies… our landlords came over to fix some things.. and I “encountered” people online.

Think about it.. I did 3 things today. Went to work. Went to the gym. Came home. And yet, hundreds of people came across my path… some in insignificant ways and others in very significant ways.

How many more times do we impact those around us.. How do you impact people on purpose?.. In a positive way?.. Smile, say thank you, hold a door open for someone, drop them a note, write on their facebook wall, call or text, hug, laugh…. anything. Do you try to do it on purpose?

Would you do it on purpose if you knew it meant something to them?… I try.

I sometimes operate under the understanding that I will go until I am A. exhausted or B. God has told me to chill. Because I never know when some small thing (or big) makes THE difference in someone’s day, week, month… life. What if my minor inconvenience today changes someone’s life… Is it worth it?.. I think so.

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