What a day and week it has been… I am getting ready to head south to Lynchburg and could not be more tired.. *sigh*

I went dancing last night and had an absolute blast, I am really glad I made myself go… that is until I left to discover I had parked in one of 3 forbidden spots apparently and had my car towed.. With my cell phone inside. grr… Long ordeal and $115 later I had my car back.. but made it home about an hour later then I planned.

I cannot wait to see everyone in Lynchburg, but man was this week rough! I am oh so ready for the weekend!

The one good thing about driving long distances is it gives me “free time” to call various people I have been wanting to talk to.. which this time includes my little brother, and Sunday includes my bff 🙂

Praise the Lord for weekends!

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