Let’s Catch Up..

Obviously I have been MIA for a solid week and a half. I wish I could say I was sorry, but let’s be honest.. I am not. I spent a solid week feeling like death, then I have spent the rest of the time slowly getting better.. and making up for all the things that did not get done.. You know, like laundry, emails, homework…

However, in the midst of it all I have had a few cool, interesting, stressful, thought provoking, and engaging moments… Ahh a day in the life of me =P

So instead of explaining every little detail I think I’ll just bullet my catch up items.

  • I got my hair cut/trimmed and dyed.. I’m really liking it a lot 🙂
  • While my Financial Principles class isn’t as challenging as other classes, the professor is kinda a jerk.
  • Shawn McDonald and Jimmy Needham are currently my jam out music at work.
  • I sent a care package to a friend in Afghan-land.. I’m excited for him to get it 🙂
  • We have done and still have several roomie interviews to do for the spot opening up.
  • I got my car fixed while I was home in Lynchburg.. I. Love. My. Lynchburg. Mechanic/Friend! He’s the only mechanic that doesn’t make me want to cry!
  • Making up a missed day at the gym with my trainer has made for a very sore and tiring week!
  • My best friend from college and his wife are coming to visit this weekend. I’m stoked!
  • I was sort of asked out on a date last weekend.
  • I had an absolutely fantastic and refreshing weekend with one of my friends who came to visit last weekend!
  • Sometimes I forget how much I love dancing.
  • Warm weather energizes me.
  • I feel better and more fulfilled when I get the chance to do things for people around me.
  • Sometimes my supervisor and I “claim” weeks.. and thankfully God always helps those weeks go better!
  • Random texts are among some of my favorite things.
  • I am still working hard for Hot Body Whoa Summer.. and I’m excited about my results!
  • It feels like it’s already June because of my schedule until then…
  • My mom, dad, and little sister sent me a card with encouraging scriptures and things written in it. My family amazes me!
  • I don’t understand how when I tithe 10% of my income I always seem to have more than enough to do everything!..
  • Fake people still grate my nerves.
  • I think I might do a compilation list of my Facts of Life from Facebook.. They are not complete yet, but it’s a fun mini project.
  • I am so thankful that things are better now then they were a couple weeks ago.

My God is so good.. If you don’t know Him, you should.

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