Easter 2011

Clearly I have been a poor blogger recently, and certainly have not kept up with my blog like I wanted to at the beginning of the year, however, life happens sometimes, so I really do not feel all that badly about it.

This weekend was what has turned into the annual Corwin/Katie/Krista Easter Weekend. I love these friends of mine. Corwin was one of my best friends in college, especially the last couple years, and Katie is his beautiful wife that has turned into my friend as well.

I am constantly amazed by their friendship.

Katie could not be a more perfect match for Corwin, and vice versa. I am so blessed that not only do I still feel as important, cared for, and loved by Corwin now as I did in college, but even more so since adding Katie to our group.

I cannot help but wonder/hope/pray that the man I marry will be the perfect 4th edition to our group… But, amazingly I never feel like the third wheel with the two of them. We tell stories, we laugh constantly, tell jokes, talk about Christ, and just do things together. I always leave spending time with them feeling built up, encouraged, and loved.

This weekend we spent Good Friday walking around Alexandria and National Harbor (in the rain). And had Thai food for dinner.. which Corwin was in absolute heaven haha!

Saturday we went to Eastern Market, had some amazing donuts, then walked around DC seeing the sites.. And of course being total goofs.

And, thankfully Corwin carried my heavy purse with all of the jackets for a good portion of the day… One of many reasons I appreciate him and his personality! haha 🙂

Today we went to church, walked to get some food.. then went roller blading for a few hours. We got a little more sun then our just wintered skins can handle, but had an absolute blast.

And… because an Easter post would not be complete without this… If you do not know, today is a celebration because Jesus died on Friday (2,000 years+ ago) and 3 days later, today (Easter Sunday) He came back from the dead unlike anyone ever had before or since. He took my sins and yours, and marked them paid in full. He is my Savior, God, and Lord, and He wants to be yours.

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