Don’t Force Me…

It is no secret to those who know me that I am not really forced into things… “I do what I want” is my mantra.. In fact “I’m Krista Back, I do what I want” is what I have been uttering to people who push me or try and make me do things I do not want to.

Now, this is not to say that I “love” or even “like” everything I do.. in fact a lot of what I do is because I know I have to. There’s responsibility and all those lovely things involved, but the bottom line is they are my choice.Coercing me into things does not work, trying to manipulate me only pisses me off.. and the worst is when someone tries to guilt me into things. It will not work, you will fail, and you will piss me off in the process. Just a friendly FYI for the day.

Don’t force me.

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