The last week or so I have been SO TIRED. I mean legit tired, waking up wishing I could sleep for another 5 hours. Lazy lazy lazy weekend.. I should have done more homework, but did not. Should have done more laundry (or maybe any at all), but did not. I should have done more grocery shopping, but did hardly any. Should have done more cleaning in my room/bathroom/around the house, but definitely did not. I was tired, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Instead I did absolutely nothing Thursday and Friday night, Saturday woke up early, went running (thought I was gonna die.. who runs 15 minutes after they wake up?!), got a mani-pedi, did a very little bit of homework reading, and putzed around forever.. then went to watch the UFC fight and text my brothers… Sunday I didn’t even go dancing! Gah.. that’s tired!

I also discovered this week that my mouth has been leaning towards going unchecked! Not ok, not good. I spent a long time praying and asking for forgiveness for my unchecked and unkept mouth!.. And begging that God helps me get that back under control!

This week I have been super tired still.. But, I am not as emotionally or mentally tired.. Although, I was expecting to be! I might actually get through this class with a pretty good grade thank you to a classmate and lots and lots of prayer! (Thank you if you’ve been praying for me!)

Plus, I get to go to Lynchburg (spend a million dollars in gas.. I’m switching to train rides down I think as much as I can).

Life is never easy and always has challenges.. but thankfully God is still my God.

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