I woke up a little tired.. but mostly alright considering I slept horrible last night (I seem to go through terrible sleeping cycles… a lot.).. Work was productive but exhausting because of the number of projects I’m facilitating and all the different elements, meetings, timelines, emails, and conversations that have to take place about each aspect of each project. Tiring.

Then, I went to the gym for my Monday night beat down.. and left even more tired, but feeling good about the number of workouts and ways I have pushed myself this week/end. Made dinner, did homework.. and now.. I’m pooped. (eloquent huh? haha)

Sadly though, Wednesday is my last session with my personal trainer for at least six weeks while my life goes into massive overdrive with weddings, graduations, showers, travels, work, and school.. There was just no way I could fit in heading to the gym for an hour in a half twice a week.. especially knowing I will be gone for a solid two weeks because of weddings, graduations, and work.. which of course ALL take travels.. (Eek my gas bill is going to be ridiculous!) Thankfully though because I told him a couple weeks ago he’s been able to change my trainings just a tad, and the last couple are all focused on the workouts I can do no matter where I am… Except, I desperately need new shoes, mine are leaving my knee hurting now, which really means my shoes have effectively died to running. Bummer.

Hot body whoa summer here I come!… After I sleep. 🙂

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