In My Head…

I have so many things to say and fill in from the last couple weeks.

There are so many things I have been reminded that I do not know recently… But…

What I do know is that people and their drama mixes with me like oil and water. I get so frustrated so quickly, and really just begin to pull inside my head more. I stop being as social and open about what is going on in my head with those people because I literally can’t handle their drama. And, it is not like they are just talking or venting.. it is a perpetual state of stupid remarks, behaviors, etc..

Some people absolutely make my life better.. and I could not be more thankful for them.

Last week was intensely difficult, and only now am I actually FEELING anything regarding it.. I was in total function mode and really spent most of the time void of emotions just because I needed to get through it all and had too much to do.

I loved that I got to see different sides of people.. Mostly good things (a couple shady things).. I was reminded every day this past week how blessed I am to have my supervisor. She is amazing.

Thankfully this past week we had the only building in the resort with free wireless… Which means I got to keep up with my homework and class! Praise the Lord!.. I was a little nervous..

I am not holding my breath for anything in particular to happen.. and I am maintaining that I will be pursued… but, until then life goes on as usual. And, thankfully I am so busy and full of life and things to do, with goals for the next year, that really there is no residual feelings… It simply is what is, and will turn into whatever ends up happening..

There is a glimmer of hope at work… Maybe a couple glimmers… And, God answered my prayers this past week!

My bag traveled to Port au Prince, Haiti… without me. Which in my opinion is very rude, especially considering that my bag literally is falling apart… Time to get a new one.

I left my Ipod in my hotel room.. and realized after I was at the airport 😦 .. But, thankfully I spent about $100 on it several years ago, and I was thinking of getting a new one soon… Now to figure out which one to get!

I haven’t danced in weeks.. I need to do some of that this week!

On average this week I got between 3-5 hours of sleep each night.. whew boy!

In the midst of some crazy things that happened this past week, I sent out a request for prayers to a couple of my best friends, and could literally feel the change inside when I started getting the “we are praying right now” responses.. I am so thankful for my friends, and my God who hears us!

I am so tired.. but surprisingly doing well!

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