Delicate Balance…

It amazes me sometimes how delicate of a balance God has everything in..

The Earth is placed EXACTLY right so we can have life.

The Seasons come and go exactly when they are needed.

Bringing bugs to a new land makes things go nuts.. which means a new predator is required.. and the cycle continues. (Lady bugs, stink bugs.. etc..)

Life is so delicate, from the very beginning. I have a couple pregnant friends, and I am absolutely in love with their stories of daily life, but I am constantly reminded of how delicate of a time the moms and baby’s are in during pregnancy. They aim for “safe zones” so just in case something happens and the babies are born early they are “safe.” The babies literally depend on the mother’s love and nurturing from the beginning… which in turn requires the mommies to rely on the dad’s for the same love and nurturing… which in turn requires the daddies to rely on God for the same love and nurturing. Delicate balance!

Which brings me to life in general. It is so delicate. Even for someone like me who “can handle anything” … Life can change in an instant without warning or control. I tend to look at the instant changes as exciting and part of my adventure, but I am well aware and have experienced some really horrible instant changes… and I know others have faced worse ones… But, then again, in an instant a couple can fall in love, get married, etc.. There is such a beautiful delicate balance that God has set up and placed before us.

I am amazed how delicate we are.. and how delicately God treats us, but how harsh we are naturally towards each other… or maybe just I am towards others…

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