Save the World…

I don’t often do this, and I don’t have a whole lot of time today… But, I have a couple organizations/companies I want to highlight..

First one is TOMS I have mentioned them before, I follow them on twitter.. and I check their website constantly for new styles. If you do not know about TOMS, you really should check them out. They are known as a “One for One” company. Meaning they are a for profit company that donates one pair of shoes for every pair that is bought. Which means when I spend $60 on a pair of shoes and shipping.. I am really paying $60 for two pairs of shoes and TWO sets of shipping because I have also bought a pair of shoes for a child in another country. TOMS just launched a new One for One with eye wear.. Meaning for every pair of sunglasses (I know they’re expensive) that are bought, someone in another country gets a pair of glasses or gets their vision restored. It’s pretty freakin sweet if you ask me! I have attached a couple links for ease of movement around their website to get their full story and see the videos they have posted.

Now, on to my second organization.. I just stumbled upon this one here today. And, I cannot get it out of my head.. This is a BRILLIANT idea!!… Leave it up to a resident from a third world country to realize how wasteful we are in the US and not complain at all.. but actually make a tiny switch in habits to literally save the world. I am so impressed with the simplicity, effectiveness, and goals of this organization! The general idea is to collect all the partially used soaps from thousands of hotels across the country, melt the soaps down (with the same brands/scents etc..), re-solidify them, cut them up, and send them out to people who are unable to afford soap over food. But, in this small act they are saving people from TOTALLY preventable diseases and colds. I am so impressed and excited at this concept!! To check it out, visit their website:

Ok, that is all.. I’ll get off my “soapbox” now haha 🙂

Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into organizations and companies that excite me!

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