Fathers Day…

This is my grandpa and dad. They are amazing men, and have amazing legacy’s.

Today at church today (I was at Brentwood in Lynchburg) and John Dupin was talking about being fathers, and how their role and responsibility is not just about them being dad’s to their kids, but according to the Bible their legacy carries on until their GRANDKIDS die… Meaning their children’s children are influenced by who they are..

So, in honor of that, these are the men that have influenced me more than almost any other men in my life. Grandpa has such a precious place in my heart, and always has apparently, not only did he CHOOSE to be my grandpa, he chose to love me just like all the other grandkids. You see, he married my grandma when she already had two kids… Took them as his own, and raised them without ever acting like they were not his. And, due to the way he raised them, both of them actually changed their last names to his… So, I proudly carry this man’s last name πŸ™‚ As a small child I was not afraid of him and would insist on hugs (some things never change..) I have a picture from the two of us camping when I was 3 (maybe) and we’re eating breakfast, and he’s making faces at me, and I’m just giggling my head off… and we’re the only two at the table πŸ™‚ Several years later we have pictures of me “doing” his hair or my bird siting on his head as he just laughs and chats with my family. My grandma (who died when I was 16) always said that I was the one grandkid that always insisted on hugs from grandpa, and was ultimately the one that broke him into hugging all of us πŸ™‚ Love this man.

On to my dad, as odd as this may sound (stick with me cause I’ll explain)… My dad is probably one of the single most influential reasons as to why I have stuck with the purity that I have, and have the confidence to remain pure until I am married. Because of the intentional influence my dad has had in my life, making time for me, telling me I am pretty, I am intelligent, capable etc..etc.. I am confident in who I am, who God made me to be, and I know exactly the man it will take to earn my love and respect. I have countless memories of “daddy dates” with my dad, which always included some form of food and a movie.. and sometimes included shopping.. which was always fun with dad and his two questions “Do you like it?… Will you wear it?”.. haha Or the time just before Senior prom when my date flaked on me, and somehow throughout the grace of God a friend stepped in, my dad bought me a corsage… it was the first and only one I’ve had, and I loved it! Or the time dad bought me a puppy, or a bunny rabbit for valentines day.. I remember that valentines day still.. I was SO THRILLED that I got something I didn’t even care what it was.. But!.. it was fuzzy! I remember the literally countless hours training with dad telling me “You can do this…” in the midst of learning new moves. Or the one night Dad and I sat in the car and I told him about how scared I was after college to move away and essentially start life and follow wherever God lead me.. Because what if something happened to them at home, I would not be there to help, or I would miss important time with all of them while I was away.. And, dad so graciously told me that he’s known for a very long time I would be out conquering the world, God would take me all over the place, and I would always visit home, never staying for long.. But, that he would rather that than know I had missed out on my calling and what God made me to do… The freedom I felt and the weight that was lifted off my chest when I was essentially given the freedom and permission to grow and unfold my wings and fly was one I will never forget. My dad has always been the one person who can explain anything to me, and who always is my “you can do this” person.

Thank you Grandpa and Dad for being the men of God that you are! I love you lots!

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