Baby Brother…

Today my baby brother turns 20… TWENTY!… He has entered my family into two years of my brothers and I being in the same decade… So, in honor of my brother.. here are a few pictures, and 20 things I love about him..

As you can see we have a lot of fun together.. whether it’s just Elijah and I, or our other siblings are with us… or we’re hanging out with friends…  Ok, so on to my 20 list of things I love about my baby brother..

1. He makes me laugh.
2. He loves Jesus fiercely.
3. He is always willing to help those around him.
4. Even though he’s MY baby brother he still is protective over me.
5. We just “get” each other when it comes to most things.
6. We pick on each other mercilessly.. and both love it.
7. He’s still just as cute now as he was as a baby!
8. I can convince him to do anything!
9. He’s fearless.. which usually is awesome!
10. He calls me just to say hey and see what I’ve been up to.
11. I can talk to him for hours.
12. He is compassionate beyond his years.
13. He always somehow is able to swoop in and be there whenever people need him.
14. He gladly totes around kids or is their jungle-gym.
15. He is open to whatever God has planned for him.
16. We team up against our older brother.. and hysterics ALWAYS ensue…
17. He is stubborn and determined.
18. He gives me backrubs and he lets me sit on him all the time.
19. We always have the best stories to share when we’re together.
20. Because he was the perfect little blessing that came into my family’s lives and filled a void after we lost one.

Elijah, I love you more than words can express. My heart swells with pride at who you are and who you are becoming. Thank you for all the laughter, jokes, serious conversations, and even fights! You are the absolute best little brother, and you are so much more precious and special to me than I ever thought you could be. I am amazed all the time at your heart for God and for others, and for all the times that you selflessly step in to help everyone around you. You are awesome, and I am so blessed to be your sister. Ich liebe dich! 😉

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