Wedding Extravaganza!..

Today I had a fairly obnoxious day of doctors appointments that ran late/long which subsequently caused me to be late for everything else I had planned for the day!

However, I was able to get my “hair did” .. and have dinner with my sweet friend, which is always full of energy, laughter, and great conversations.. She is always like a breath of fresh air for me!

Now.. I am full swing wedding chaos/extravaganza!.. And, I love it. I am so pumped about this wedding because it is like a twofer.. Two of my best friends are marrying each other.. It will be epic!

Tomorrow is lake day!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I haven’t been to the lake at all this year yet! eek!) Then the bachelorette party..

Saturday we are going for a group exercise run (only my friends plan physical activity as part of the wedding weekend).. then the girls are getting mani/pedis.. then the rehearsal shenanigans..

Sunday will be the wedding… of course.. and LOADS of fun..

I’m so excited to spend time with everyone and live through the memories and laughter.. I cannot wait!

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