Facts of Life 200’s…

I posted a while ago the Facts of Life 300’s.. Which was not and still is not complete, since this is a long forming process of coming up with the Facts of Life. In case you are new to this.. these are facts I randomly number and randomly post on my facebook status. I have been doing it for about two years (so clearly a slow process) and eventually I will turn them along with some of my pictures into a coffee table book. Some of them are serious, while others are just funny.
So, without further ado.. Facts of Life 200’s (so far):

Fact of Life #200: A community of people, who love Jesus dearly and show it, can make all the difference in your life.

Fact of Life #202: Fridays never get old.

Fact of life #204: Lack of sleep and days of cloudy rainy weather kills motivation.
 Fact of Life #208: We cannot praise God in the times of blessings and then turn around and curse him during times of trouble.

Fact of Life #210: Being straight forward is the better way to communicate.
Fact of Life #249: Life can’t get much better than laughing and talking about life with best friends.
Fact of Life #273: Love is sorta the opposite of the definition of insanity… We DO keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results..and suddenly one time the results are different!

Fact of Life # 276: Without proper Jesus time, life becomes tiring.

Fact of life #288: The more you focus on yourself the more depressing the world seems.

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