Today is going to be a great day.. (minus the fact that I was up at 7am to let our landlord into the house to do some minor repairs…)

A few of my besties are coming into town today, all because they are traveling elsewhere and I happen to be in DC and the best place for a crashpad!.. However, I will take any excuse to hang with them! So, our time will be awesome and lots of fun I am sure 🙂

Also, while I have a lot of laundry, homework, cleaning, and normal daily stuff to do that I have been putting off, I am content that it is finally the weekend. Especially Saturday. For some reason Saturday is always the breathe deep day for me. The day that allows me to put behind me the craptastic work week I just had, and look forward to church and another day “off.” Saturdays are the days that just make life ok again.

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