Recent Thoughts…

I have a lot of random thoughts lately.. but I have not thought through them enough to detail them out.. so, here is the snippet list version…

There IS a right and a wrong.
Monogamy, polygamy, and poly-amorous are not even close to the same things.
The beach does amazing things for stress.
Hugs make life better.
One person can honestly make or break a day.
The God Anthology is a kick-butt sermon series.
I know what God is doing in this period of my life.
I might actually like school this next 8 weeks.
My brother and Sister in law will be home from Africa in less than 24 hours.
I go home in 3 weeks.
God surprises me with opportunities sometimes.
I love watching friends’ life changing stories.
I miss some of my friends a whole heck of a lot.
I hate how little I have traveled outside of the country lately.
Preparing for the future sucks most of the time.
I will choose singlehood over mediocrity every time.
Despite it all I see God working.
The sun does amazing things.
I am never lonely enough to settle.
Putting my big girl panties on is essential on a daily basis.
I know that some of my problems are really just childish.
I have amazing friends.
I am blessed even in the bitterness of night… And know it.
I will love you even if you are wrong.
I have to choose to love someone else and their needs over my preferences.
Everything has a time… This too will pass.
I never take for granted those who understand me.
God makes everything beautiful in it’s time.

Someday it will all make perfect beautiful sense.

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