Emotional Release…

I had a fantastic weekend.. literally jam packed with girlfriends starting on Thursday evening. I really love my girls, they are just so much fun. Lots of character, personality, humor, intelligence, wit, etc..etc.. They are never ending entertainment.. and people that I can sit next to silently for hours. They are wonderful… And always bring out the best in me or help me remember the things about life I love the most.. I am pretty sure I laughed more this weekend than I have in a long time, and I am so grateful for the times we had….

But, (maybe I am the only one..) I always feel a slight depressing let down when weekends like this come to an end. Maybe because they are leaving and life must resume as normal.. maybe because I am just plain tired, or maybe because it is easier to forget and be distracted while they are around rather than be an adult and deal with things that are challenging… Or.. D) all of the above.

This morning at church we talked about the Jealousy of God… I am pretty sure I say this every week… But, not to be forgetful, I love my church. The leadership is just amazing, they have purposeful vision, and they are intentional about the messages they teach. I mean intentional in the way of they want to grow the congregation, beyond where they were last week, month, message series, year etc.. They are purposeful about their dreams, visions, prayer, and understanding.. yet so incredibly humble and earnestly seeking Christ in the midst of all of it. I am so blessed. When I move from DC (whenever that will be) I will mourn leaving the community, church, body of Christ that is National Community Church… I am unbelievably thankful that this has been my light in the midst of the hard and craptastic year that I have had. Ironically this is also the LEAST involved I have been in my church in…. more then 10 years. Which I find ironic that I have these emotions and connection considering everything.. I will take it though!

I am finding that the more I think about it, the more I get slightly anxious, yet totally calm and content about the prospects of the next few months, and the chances of life changing dramatically as is. Not just in my life, but the lives of several of my friends… I have a very strong feeling that life will not even look the same in a year… or even 6 months. I am anxious and excited all at the same time.

Lord, bring it on, and be my strength walking me through it please!

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