Today we had an “all hands on deck” cleaning day to get the office ready for a governance retreat… And, sadly lots of things were still in boxes from moving the headquarters a year ago from Chicago to DC… So, we commenced in throwing things out that are not needed, and putting things away in the newly received filing cabinets. From my department, while there are technically eight of us, only four of us are local, and the other four are remote.. So, all of the work fell on three of us… and let me tell you.. lots and lots of files and old pictures. Half of which I am not convinced actually belong to our organization.. cause they made no sense why we would have them.

Anyway, in the midst of cleaning and going through things, I came across a couple cards, of which I opened to see if they were the type that should be kept or thrown out… Only to discover they were love letters to one of my remote co-workers… Why they were sent to headquarters in the boxes for them I have no idea.. and why this individual who is involved as a volunteer is writing love letters to my co-worker.. with incredible effort to “get away” with it and not be discovered by the other staff… Then, for my co-worker to keep them and not throw them away.. incredibly arrogant and totally inappropriate. If my co-worker were not out for the next couple months due to breaking both ankles from getting hit by a car I would feel compelled to bring it up and gently (or not so much) let them know how totally uncalled for and disappointing it is to find this kind of stuff…. Although, to be honest, given their behavior towards me at our national convention I am not totally surprised.. More appalled at the arrogance and immorality combined.

Totally. Inappropriate… and disgusting.

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