Last weekend I went home to celebrate my parent’s 30th Anniversary.. We had a party with tons of people, a surprise mini-replica of their cake, picture boards, and lots of food and laughter.. It was a great day!.. Of course my parents take every large event in the summer as reason to fix, repair, or build something around the house, so we spent all of Friday making updates to the house.. which normally can get obnoxious, but since all of us were around and helping it really was kinda fun.. especially since I spent the majority of the day goofing off and “entertaining” the 3 little ones haha!

Friday night we went to see the new Planet of the Apes, which was alright. Not great, not horrible, decently entertaining. Then my little brother, his girlfriend, and my little sister and I played dutch blitz until WAY too late.. We had a blast making fun of each other for anything and everything. 🙂

Saturday was great and lots of fun catching up with everyone.. and I am pretty sure it was 30million degrees in the house due to the rain and already muggy weather! But, we all had a blast, and laughed a lot 🙂

Sunday my family (minus my older brother’s family) went canoeing.. We had virtually every weather except snow while on the river, but had a blast trying and succeeding at flipping each other… except my parents who were the carrier of all stuff we didn’t want to lose.. and “Switzerland” when it came to safe zone.. haha My little brother, sister, and my brother’s girlfriend left with battle wounds from the rocks, elbows, knees, canoes, oars, and tree branches.. but had a blast the whole time, and definitely laughed at each other throughout the entire 4+ hour trip. My poor sister cut her toe on a rock, but thankfully it was near the end.. and my little brother just sorta picked her up and toted her around once we were done haha

I was reminded of a few things this last weekend.. First, my family is awesome. Not perfect, but awesome none the less… I am related to some crazies, and really thankful that distance allows me to miss them so I can actually look forward to and enjoy my time with them.. (instead of dreading their special brand of crazy). And, God is doing a lot in the lives of me and my family.. It is exciting and frustrating all at the same time!

I loved being home 🙂

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