People are Fascinating…

I am such a people watcher… I love observing people in every situation I find myself in. Grocery stores, the train, airplanes, walking down the street, restaurants etc.. I find them interesting. I always play a game with myself trying to figure out their non-verbals.. are they upset, happy, tired, dealing with something at home, stressed about work, falling in love, etc… I love it. There are days that my entire focus is to notice their features, bone structure, body build, eye color, hair style, hands, body posture etc..etc.. Sometimes I play the observation game with friends and “create” their story… using everything we observe to construct stories about people and their current place in life. It is easily one of my favorite games because it requires me to be observant.

I think it has been this mental game I play with myself that has helped lead me to care about people more.. I mean I genuinely hurt when I hear about someone’s life falling apart.. I have so many people on my 3×5 cards for such a variety of reasons… they’re gone to war, their spouse is gone to war, they are depressed, searching for jobs, spouse left them, moving, have a broken heart, want to fall in love, miserable at their job, substance abuse problems etc.. etc..

People are fascinating. Everyone is hurting and broken over something. Excited and passionate about something. Everyone ticks for different reasons.. I find it fascinating.

I work very hard at making each relationship I have unique. Creating a relationship that is clearly not a carbon copy. I enjoy working and finding common ground with various people that they really resonate with, it keeps me engaged and does not allow me the chance to coast, which then keeps me from becoming lazy in growing who I am… Keeps me interesting and an every growing dynamic haha! 

When I get the chance to interact with someone, I love having the ability to say and do something different than they are used to or what is the “norm”.. Whether that means hugging them, sending them a gift or card, making eye contact, saying something totally straight forward, or just smiling and holding my tongue.

I wish my job allowed me more opportunities to interact with people… but more than that, interact in a way that changes lives. I miss the impact factor of a job.

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