A Good Friend….

I was driving home from work the other day and somehow got off on the train of thought I had heard a couple of my friends make… The comments were along the lines of “needing Krista time..” or missing me.. or “needing a Krista hug..”  Which then got me thinking and analyzing, what makes a good friend? Because I certainly do not feel like I am a good friend all the time.. heck sometimes I know I am a really lousy friend (although my friends are so wonderful and encouraging most of them would never admit they felt that way). But, really, a lot of time I feel like I am a very average daughter, sister, cousin, friend… (and other roles I have yet to have the chance to play)..

So, what makes a good friend? What sets certain people apart? I honestly do not know all the things my friends see as facts in regards to why I am a good friend to them.. But, I do know why I view my friends as amazing people… Let me count the ways..

Encouragement is ever on their lips.

Hugs, care, and stability exude from them all the time.
Support and prayer are key factors in the way they are in my life.

Laughter, both at me and with me is never far away.

Reality checks are never few and far between.
Acceptance of who I am, while always firmly pushing me to be better.

I am constantly humbled by the number of times my friends forgive me without a second thought.

A never ending understanding and acceptance of my ebbs and flows.
They love me. Always.

I always learn more patience and grace from my friends than they will ever truly understand…

The number of hours my friends spend listening to me is unfathomable. Really.
Passion is a constant with them.
Grace and Mercy.
I feel like one of the most important people in the world to them.
I get humored constantly.
I am blessed. I am loved. I am thankful.
I do not know why my friends regard me as a good friend, or above average, but I certainly know why I view them that way! Many thanks to my friends.

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