Bachata Dancing…

So, as promised here are a few videos from the DC Bachata Congress this weekend.

The first one is Christian Sola and Elina, and they taught a Bachata in the Dark workshop.. which sounds like it could be sketchy, but really he focused on the finer details of Bachata as well asappropriate ways for the guys to turn and touch the girls while dancing with them.. He emphasized that it is actually mostly an illusion rather than actually touching.. If you pay attention you can see it in this video, it looks like they are very connected and intimate and close.. however, they are not actually touching each other with their fingers. He’s leading her with the palms of his hands, forearms and elbows almost exclusively…

 I very much enjoyed this class. I learned a whole lot about the smaller details of Bachata, and they were fantastic instructors!

The next video is Troy and Jorjet. Possibly among (if not) THE top Dominican style Bachata dancers right now. Not only is he absolutely hysterical, and she stunningly beautiful (and they are married), they dance fantastic together.. Her footwork is astounding and, they are amazing instructors! I want to be able to dance like her… Dang!

When he sits down he then asked us if we wanted to see her “do her thing”… to which we all replied in the affirmative.. and you can see a bit of what she does below.. So, this last video is just her showing off some of her dance moves.. absolutely incredible!

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