Kick Starting Fall…

I have been SO LAZY the last couple weeks. I mean legit lazy when it comes to doing things and getting things done.

Last night I realized my room is a disaster.. Which somehow means my mind has come out of whatever funk it was in. My room is always a direct link to my mental capacity/state. Meaning, the cleaner more organized room means a better more on top of it mental state.. and it somehow spirals downward on a semi regular basis as I get overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, and tired.

So, in an attempt to get myself back on track this week, I have started but need to finish my laundry (I really hate this task), and actually put away my clothes instead of leave them on the other half of the bed I do not occupy. I need to clean up and put away the empty suitcases, boxes, and packages that have accumulated in the corners of my room. File the bills, and check all of the bills I need to still pay for this month and next.. put away my jewelry that has been strewn all over my shelving spaces…

I think I will re-arrange my room as well soon seeing as I have not done that at all this year, and sometimes a small change like that makes a huge difference in my life.

I have a ton of homework that needs to get done this week, not difficult, but time consuming.

And, due to all of this, my need to exercise that I have been putting off for 2 months will kick start in September in preparation for my Marine Corps 10k October 31st!

So, here’s to kick starting the fall!

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