August Wrap Up…

I am really astounded that tomorrow is the end of August.. WHERE DID IT GO!?!.. Seriously. Part of me is looking forward to sweatshirts and jeans, and part of me is dreading the cold that is soon to follow.

I had a fantastic weekend in Atlanta, not only do I love Atlanta, my bff and her husband live there.. Which is always a welcome reprieve from my life. We literally spent all weekend moving them into their new (totally perfect) loft condo they bought. I absolutely love the NYC feel, and they are so excited about it, which made it a lot of fun to help them move. Plus, I always cherish being able to be a part of those moments in my bff’s life. They tend to be more of the mundane flavor, but they create all these fantastic memories, and links in our life that just bind our friendship more every time.

Not to mention we end up eating well (although who’s gonna pray and where are we gonna eat end up being a “not it” debate every single time haha), but we also spend good quality time together talking about anything and everything. I say this all the time, but my bff just gets me, she hears what I say, but understands what I mean, and gives a much better description of what is going on and how I am feeling instead of my typical ramblings about things I am frustrated and upset about. I have no idea how she does it, but she is by far one of the best people in my life for understanding what my heart means. I need her in my life more than she will ever know, and I am so thankful and so blessed and encouraged by her constantly… Plus, I think she’s hysterical, so that helps 🙂

Considering how hard life has been, this was a great change of pace. 🙂

Ps. I started reading The Scent of Water on the plane ride home.. It’s incredibly riveting and brings in such an interesting healing element with it. Highly recommend it!

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